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Jordan Vineyard and Winery

Jordan Vineyard and Winery

Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jordan Vineyard and Winery will take your breath away. You will find this stunning estate in Healdsburg, California on a road less traveled in Alexander Valley. Reminiscent of a luxurious French chateau, with walls draped in multicolored ivy, a driveway lined with Poplar trees, and bushes that are perfectly manicured with the curvature of the terrain, you may be fooled into thinking that you are in the French countryside. Join us today to experience the new and exclusive Estate Tour and Tasting Jordan Vineyard and Winery now offers.

jordan vineyard and winery olive oil review 1Estate Tour and Tasting

This is not your ordinary winery tour but an intimate excursion allowing you a sneak peek into the world of Jordan Vineyard and Winery. We are a small group consisting of mostly couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and just the love of food and wine. We assemble in the courtyard to start our morning with fresh juice, fruit, and pastries elegantly displayed on a bistro table. Our anticipation grows as we meet our guide and she delivers our itinerary for the morning. She promises surprises that won’t disappoint and leads us to our first stop behind the winery doors.

Behind big wooden doors we see and smell the delightful scent of fruit fermenting, a wine lover’s dream. Jordan Vineyard and Winery only produces two types of wine – Chardonnay and Cabernet – and they do it well. Having the same winemaker since their first harvest has something to do with it, I’m sure. This is something unheard of in the industry and says something extraordinary about Jordan Vineyard and Winery. Not only have they worked hard to perfect their wine making, but also relationships they have with people, focusing on team effort to make their entire dream come together.

jordan vineyard and winery olive oil review 3As we take it all in, we can see that no expense was spared. Instead of the typical stainless steel holding tanks, Jordan Vineyard and Winery keeps their precious juice in beautiful wooden holding tanks until it has reached its maturity. They are lined up in a long row with smaller barrels at their feet for sampling. Our eyes follow the beautiful lines to notice a window at the other end of the building. When asked what lies on the other side, we find out it is a private dining room reserved for members of a rewards program which is based on points earned from purchases at Jordan Vineyard and Winery. We are told that by signing up for the tour today, we have already earned points towards exclusive privileges such as overnight stays in their guest suite, intimate luncheons, private tastings, cooking demonstrations, and even Bass fishing on their private lake! We are impressed by these personalized offerings and feel privy to such privileges.

Chefs Garden

jordan vineyard and winery olive oil review 4

Next, we embark on a luxury van to our next destination, the Chefs’ Garden. Passing vineyards and beautiful scenery along the way, we approach a hillside lined with fruit trees, flowers, and a garden of vegetables and herbs. Wooden steps meander down the steep hill coming from the estate to the garden. This is where the chef gathers seasonal ingredients for his creations. All organically grown, we get the chance to sample a few items at their peak. You will be amazed how produce tastes when it’s picked fresh from the garden. Tomatoes burst with flavor; green beans snap with freshness; and figs are so sweet when plucked right from the tree. Our palates are primed and anticipate more of what’s in store for the remainder of our tour.

jordan vineyard and winery olive oil review 6Seven Oaks

We travel again to our next destination, this time passing olive groves. We suspect that what will come next is the reason why we came today. Our group is dropped off in one of the most peaceful environments imagined. Our tasting is set amongst olive groves, under huge Oak trees shading us from the warm California sun, with a view of the private lake filled with Bass. It is here that we first experience Jordan Vineyard and Winery’s 2012 Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, along with tasty tid-bits that are perfectly paired with their 2010 and 2011 Chardonnay.

The table setting is simple and elegant with wooden boxes placed in front of us with two wine glasses for our first tasting. Our eyes scan the table and spot a bottle of EVOO. jordan vineyard and winery olive oil review 5Our host graciously opens the bottle for us to start our tasting with something else Jordan Vineyard and Winery is becoming known for other than its wine. She pours the golden liquid into a dish and offers pieces of crusty bread to dip into the oil. Mmmmm! Delicious and fruity, with a peppery finish. We aren’t talking about the wine, but the extra virgin olive oil.

Jordan Vineyard and Winery hand picks the fruit from their olive groves and presses it into oil within 24 hours. A fine blend of Italian varietals make up the fruitfully fresh taste of Jordan’s EVOO. Certified by the California Olive Oil Council, this EVOO has met strict guidelines to join the rankings of California’s highest quality olive oil and is guaranteed to be Extra Virgin. The bottle prominently displays the COOC seal and the harvest date. Unlike wine that gets better with age, EVOO is best when used as close to the harvest date as possible, preferably within two years of harvest. We agree not to leave without buying a bottle for our collection and suggest to the others they do the same, as it is only available to purchase at the estate.

We open the wooden boxes like gifts to find yummy surprises to tempt our taste buds further. We savor each delicious bite, sip our Chardonnay, and enjoy our view of the lake. Could the day get any better than this? Well, yes, it can and it does!

Vista Point

We continue our journey to our final destination of the day. A private spot that sits at the top of the Jordan Vineyard and Winery Estate, adequately named “Vista Point”, spoils us with her 360 degree views. Everyone scatters to photograph the stunning scenery displayed before our eyes.

jordan vineyard and winery olive oil review 9

We are seated at a table in a room with glass walls so we can still enjoy the views. You will truly feel like you are on top of the world (or at least the Alexander Valley) while you taste an array of more delicacies paired with Jordan’s 2002 and 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. Words cannot describe what you will feel while you are here. This is a place that you will have to come and see for yourself!

jordan vineyard and winery olive oil review 8Au Revoir

Perfectly choreographed but never rushed, our day comes to an end. This is not “good-bye” but “until we meet again”. The exceptional hospitality and attention to details will leave you wanting more. We have only given you a glimpse of what’s in store for you at Jordan Vineyard and Winery, leaving special surprises for you to experience when you visit.

We part our sweet ways with a special gift in hand from our host, a small token to remind us of our glorious day. Thank you, Jordan Vineyard and Winery, for our tour. We can’t wait to use our rewards to come back and visit!

Visit Jordan Winery and Vineyard! http://www.jordanwinery.com/visit/tours_and_tastings

Photographs taken by The Grove & Co. at Jordan Winery and Vineyard in Healdsburg, CA.

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