The Grove & Co. is now a proud member of the California Olive Oil Council

The Grove & Co. is now a proud member of the California Olive Oil Council

California Olive Oil CouncilWhat is the California Olive Oil Council (COOC)?

The COOC is a non-profit trade and marketing association dedicated to promoting quality extra virgin olive oils made in California. Through their Seal Certification Program, they ensure the olive oils consumers purchase are fresh, authentic, and 100% extra virgin.

How does the COOC determine if an olive oil is extra virgin?

The certification process starts with a trained panel of tasters who perform a sensory evaluation to determine the desirable attributes of the olive oil as well as any defects. A chemical analysis is also conducted to determine if the olive oil contains less than 0.5% free fatty acids. Peroxide values and Ultra Violet absorbency are also analyzed.

How does an olive oil earn the COOC Certification Seal?

It’s simple. The COOC makes sure the following requirements are met.

• The olives are mechanically extracted without chemicals or excessive heat

• The oil contains less than 0.5% free oleic acid

• The oil has positive taste elements with no defects

How can I find a true 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

When in doubt, look for the seal! If you’d like to see a detailed list of Certified Seal Winners, please visit the COOC’s website for a current list of olive oil producers at

Why is it important for The Grove & Co. to be a member of the California Olive Oil Council?

The Grove & Co.’s promise to you is to provide the most current information in the olive oil industry. We also want to inform our readers of the best olive oils available on the market today. By becoming a member of the California Olive Oil Council, we will bring you both and stick to our promise.

We are very excited about finding out where it all starts – with the farms! We are looking forward to meeting, touring, tasting, analyzing, writing, and informing all of you about the uniqueness of each farm and the olive oils they produce. We’ll also let you know where you can find these specialty olive oils and keep you informed of special events so you can explore the different varieties of olive oil and make some fantastic discoveries for yourself!